Who We Are

Roundism is an online community for artists, buyers, dealers, collectors and art-lovers. We are passionate about art, and committed to providing the opportunity to share, sell and purchase art online and support the artist community. With Roundism, artists get the chance to make money doing what they love.

Roundism provides the best place to buy art online from talented artists, and the best place to sell art online, helping artists grow.

Our History

Only 2 percent of university graduates with fine art degrees will actually make a living from their artwork. Selling you work can be tough, so Roundism.com was created to provide a way for that other 98 percent of passionate artists to create their own galleries – online.

Roundism was started to help artists establish themselves in the art community, make money from selling their work, let people know about their upcoming shows and events, and connect with buyers, collectors and dealers.

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