How It Works

If you’re just getting started on Roundism, we’ve compiled a list of FAQs that explain how to buy art online and how to sell art online.

How do I buy art?
To become a buyer, simply click on the register link at the top left corner of the page, which will take you to the Register and Log In page. Create an account by providing a username, password and email address, and you’re ready to buy art online. Use our search filters to find artists, artwork and events, or browse art by category. You can add a piece of artwork to your cart at any time, and the checkout process is fast and easy.

How do I become a seller?
To become a seller, follow the same steps to become a buyer, and provide additional billing information. Then create an artist profile and upload your work. Get started here.

How do I create a profile?
Once you become a seller, you can fill out your artist profile by including information about yourself, your work, your background and education, your field of art and more, then upload your work so buyers can browse and purchase. You can also create News & Events postings to let the community know about your latest work and where they can see it in person.

What can I sell?
At Roundism, you can sell crafts, digital media, drawings, paintings, photography, prints, sculptures and more.

Becoming a part of Roundism is easy, and is a valuable opportunity for sharing your talent with the world. Get started today!